Rogers. net

A research project that wants to listen to young people in foster care.


I think it is important to learn directly from young people in foster care and I would really like you take part!

For this project I am going to visit young people in their foster care placements and talk to them about their lives.


If you are aged between 12-14 years old and live in foster care I would like to meet you and for you to take part! I want to find out what is important to you in your life and talk to you about the people you know and the things you do.


If you agree to participate I am going to tape our conversation and then after our meeting I will type up what was said (changing your name) and then delete the tape. I will ask some personal things like what people are important to you in your life. Of course if you do not want to answer any of the questions you do not have to!


I think it is important to make foster care better by listening to the young people that are living in it and that is why I want you take part!


What is involved?